A miraculous natural birth

Updated: May 12, 2019

An L&D nurse who gave birth on her own unit surrounded by her coworkers and work-family. She transitioned so quickly that she didn't have time for an epidural- nor any pain meds!

A good friend and an ex-coworker of mine had asked for birth photos. And since this is my favorite thing to photograph, I was excited for the opportunity. She called me and told me she was in the hospital being induced, but that she wasn't very dilated. I went anyway, hoping to be there before any epidural or medications took effect. Almost as soon as I showed up, it was apparent she was in a significant amount of pain, and quickly went for the birthing bath. She spent no more than 10 minutes in this bath before the pain intensified to the point of imminent birth.

Asking for pain meds, her friend and nurse checked her and called the doctor. It was time. There was no time for pain meds. Baby was ready. She labored down quickly while her coworkers prepared her space and supported her pushing.

"We have a secret in our culture. It's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong." -Laura Harm

She quickly delivered, surrounded by friends and her husband. Baby boy made a perfect entrance into the world.

The Golden Hour

Her golden hour was peaceful. She bonded. She breastfed. She chatted and ate her favorite hospital food (she had been diabetic during the pregnancy and was ready for some carbs).

And soon it was time to leave her home unit to go to the mom-baby unit. On the way out, we were sent off by all of her L&D friends who gathered to meet baby.

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